Engineering supervision

Through an experienced engineering consultant team that handles projects from their inception until their completion, and covers the engineering supervision phase for all project phases and the detection of gaps and discrepancies in design and implementation.

Through engineering supervision, we also rectify errors in architectural schemes, and evade  them and propose risk-free advanced solutions and alternatives.

Quantity calculation and pricing

When we take over the calculation of quantities and pricing projects, we make an accurate and exploratory inventory of the implementation requirements of materials, licenses and manpower, and provide our clients with integrated accounts that are carried out with top transparency and entail monitoring and inventory of quantities and the calculation of project implementation costs, taking into account the financial dimensions and costs incurred to achieve projects according to the approved plans and prevailing prices in the country.

Structural design

We undertake the structural design through a meticulous process that takes into account coordination through our team of engineers as well as our team consisting of structural design experts who are familiar with electrical, sanitary and mechanical installations and architectural designs so that the extensions do not conflict with the structural elements and consider the balance in the bodies of buildings and structures

Preparing reports on various projects

– Obtain necessary permits to build through our strong relationship with the various official authorities in the country, including municipalities, works, Kahramaa and Qatar Development Bank

Value Engineering

We have an engineering consultancy supervision bureau that conducts value engineering to solve problems, identify and eliminate unwanted costs, and improve functionality and quality. The disciplined set of steps in the value engineering process aims to optimize initial, long-term investment and search for the best possible value at the minimum cost.

Reckoning quantities


We have a supervisory engineering consultancy office that has pre-contract services that cover feasibility, cost-of-contract consulting, contract purchase, bidding procedures, bidding documents, and cost planning. It also covers post-contract services and construction contract management, ongoing work evaluation, data and financial value engineering, contractor cash flow review, contract cost control and claims dispute resolution.

Dispute resolution / litigation support


Business measurement and evaluation

Delay analysis and quantification

Damage assessment

Strategic advice for clients, lawyers and defense advisors

Document control and management

Assembling documentary evidence and preparing presentations

Assistance during a hearing and / or trial

Helping lawyers respond to requests for better details.

Assistance with calculating any claims settlement offers.

Owner representation and initiation control