Since inception, our company has set out to add a great value and momentum to the Qatari engineering consultancy field, we have been able to accomplish milestone achievements.

Due the company’s its well-thought-out vision, and by the hands of its staff members, who are selected from the finest engineers with experience and high efficiency in the fields of engineering and construction.

Thanks to the trust that our company enjoys, we are proud of our relationships and partnerships with many governmental and non-governmental bodies and agencies in Qatar.

We are looking forward to be a strong supporter and major player in the Qatari engineering market. with highest standards to meet the aspirations of our customers and agents, who are our partners in success and excellence.


Participating in the march of the renaissance of Qatar through our sophisticated
and sophisticated engineering projects



Delivery of gigantic engineering undertakings that bear witness to
this era of Qatar’s development


More About us

A leading engineering consultancy company operating in Qatar. We adopt an insightful strategy devised in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030, which aims at creating a major urban boom. The company operates according to this strategy and supervises giant, large and medium projects, where our average scope of supervision at the present time exceeds 200,000 square meters of construction with great projects spanning in various regions in Qatar.