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Since inception, our company has set out to add a great value and momentum to the Qatari engineering consultancy field, we have been able to accomplish milestone achievements.


Design services

We offers a full range of Design Services, including Architectural and Structural Design Services, MEP design , landscape . We prepare and finalize project designs utilizing our fully staffed Engineering and Architectural teams

Permits approvals

All building designs are subject to approval by the Urban Planning Authority (UPA) and Designs Monitoring Unit (DMU).
we apply and follow this process step by step till we obtain the permits approvals.

Interior design

Our designs are focused on how we can engage the aesthetics and organization of a space to improve efficiency and productivity, and to support sustainability along with customer satisfaction.

• concept Designs

• ID Drawings (ff&E plans)

• Furniture Selection

• Material Selection

• Fit-Out Supervision

Site supervision

Through an experienced engineering consultant team that handles projects from their inception until their completion,and covers the engineering supervision phase for all project phases and the detection of gaps and discrepancies in design and implementation.



Through engineering supervision, we also rectify errors in architectural schemes, and evade them and propose risk-free advanced solutions and alternatives.


Quantity calculation and pricing “BOQ”
When we take over the calculation of quantities and pricing projects, we make an accurate and exploratory inventory of the implementation requirements of materials, licenses and manpower, we provide that to our clients according to the approved plans and prevailing prices in the country.
Value engineering
We have an engineering consultancy supervision bureau that conducts value engineering to solve problems, identify and eliminate unwanted costs, and improve functionality and quality. The disciplined set of steps in the value engineering process aims to optimize initial, long-term investment and search for the best possible value at the minimum cost.
Engineering dispute resolution
Dispute resolution refers to all processes that are used to address disputes.

It includes all dispute resolution methods and approaches from early resolution through to formal tribunal or court processes.

Owners Representation
Owner Representation is a service that ensures that new building and facility owners’ best interests are represented in every decision and throughout each stage of the project from conception to construction and close out.

Eshraf Consultancy Supervision

A leading engineering consultancy company operating in Qatar. We adopt an insightful strategy devised in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030, which aims at creating a major urban boom. The company operates according to this strategy and supervises giant, large and medium projects, where our average scope of supervision at the present time exceeds 200,000 square meters of construction with great projects spanning in various regions in Qatar.


Our Skills

We provide a full range of design and engineering supervision services, improving efficiency and productivity, supporting sustainability along with customer satisfaction.

With an experienced engineering consultant team that deals with projects from inception to completion and aims to optimize the initial long-term investment and search for the best possible value at the lowest possible cost.

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Our Target

We are looking forward to be a strong supporter and major player in the Qatari engineering market. with highest
standards to meet the aspirations of our customers and agents, who are our partners in success and excellence.